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Article Invited

Articles of theoretical and empirical nature on local governance and related areas are invited from policy makers, academicians, research scholars, professionals, extension workers, etc. for the bi-annual publication “KILA Journal of Local Governance”. Contributors are requested to submit the soft copy of their article together with abstract and CV by e-mail to the Editor at:

The abstract (containing 120 words on an average) should be attached separately.

The detailed CV of the author (s) should also be attached separately.

The articles submitted for publication will be subject to scrutiny by the experts.  The editorial board reserves the freedom to revise the text.

The article should:

  • Be in MS word format, typed in 1.5 space on A4 size paper,  Times New Roman.
  • Size of the article is average 2500 words.
  • An abstract of about 120 words shall be given
  • Number all footnotes serially at the end of the paper.
  • Provide references to author and year in the text in parenthesis.
    eg. (Santhosh,K,P.,2006)
  • All citations in the text shall be duly placed at the end of the text in the following order.
    • Author, year: title of the paper, publisher and place.
    • Eg. Argyris.G. 1997: Personality and Organisation, Haper and Row, New York.
  • References shall follow alphabetical order
  • only those citations in the text shall be placed at the end of the text.

All Correspondence, by e-mail to :

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