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As part of the Rebuild Kerala Initiative, the Government of Kerala has signed an agreement with the World Bank for the period 2021-2026. Following this, the Program for Results (PforR) funding program supported by the World Bank in coordination with various international agencies focuses on Local Self-Governments (LSGs) of Kerala. KILA is given the responsibility of Disbursement Linked Indicators four and five (DLI 4 and 5). The DLI 5 of the Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI), requires that the Local Self-Governments must integrate climate and risk information into their planning process and annual plans. KILA constituted a DCAT Core Team for leading the PforR Program and has project staff working at  LSG level in the four districts to assist LSGs to achieve these goals. KILA also developed the DCAT (Disaster risk reduction and Climate Action Tracker) tool for steering and capaciatiting  the LSGs towards achieving the goals and targets of DLI 5 and to  monitor the progress. Initial phase of training was conducted for all the LSGs in the project region. Further, thematic and region specific training and assistance will be provided by KILA inorder to support LSG to excel in climate action and disaster risk reduction.

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