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One Local Self-Government One Idea (OLOI) project proposed by the state government is a practical development model for fostering innovation ecosystem. The goal is to identify problems that have not yet been solved at the local government level as well as to classify them and implement solutions. Innovative ideas identified at this juncture is vetted and developed further through Local Innovation Program.

This project is progressing through the joint intervention of academic institutions, industry/start up and a community of practice(CoP) with 27 experts in the diverse subject areas to find solutions to the development crisis faced in each sector at the local body level. All these activities are led by the Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC).

Kerala Institute for Local Administration (KILA) is leading the trainings from the state level to the local body level to take this project forward. For that, KILA has identified resource persons and academic experts at each local body level and trained them at the district level. By deploying these resource persons and academic expert team, training was conducted in the block, municipality and gram panchayat levels.  To find out the problems and creative solutions of all the local self-government, the local authority is now conducting half-day workshops. Under the direction of KILA, all of these activities are scheduled and supervised. Such preparation is crucial for this endeavour because it is new.

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